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        Zhuhai Shengchang Electronics Co., Ltd. 


        Founded in 2009, Zhuhai Shengchang Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in R&D and  manufacturing intelligent dimmable LED driver, non-dimmable LED driver and LED controller  based on science and technology in its early days. After years of striving, Shengchang has  formed competitive strength in the field of intelligent dimmable LED driver and become a  leader in China by offering LED driver with the widest range of wattage & full-lined series, the  most models, and the most authoritative certificates in this aspect of mainstream dimmable  LED driver, which includes TRIAC/Phase-cut dimming, 0/1-10V dimming, DALI dimming,  Push dimming, DMX512 dimming, ZigBee/ Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi wireless dimming,etc.

        Shengchang’s intelligent dimmable and non-dimmable LED drivers have been  recognized in all over the world. Moreover, quite a few projects for government or bussiness,  have adopted SC LED driver as reliable products, such as Marina Bay Sands at Singapore  and Four Seasons Hotel at Amman Jordan,etc..Beijing YanQi Lake APEC/G20 Villa,  Shanghai ...  International Convention Center (the banquet of CICA Summit), Shanghai  Sheraton Hotel, Changsha Wanda Plaza and Shunde Marriott Hotel, Marina Bay Sands at  Singapore and Four Seasons Hotel at Amman Jordan,etc..

        Zhuhai Shengchang Electronics Co., Ltd. 




        Professional Customized Services for LED Lighting

        Quality Control 3 + 1

        14 Years OEM / ODM Experience


        Commercial & Home Lighting

        • Living room led driver
        • Bath room led driver
        • Kitchen led driver
        • Bedroom led driver

        High Power Outdoor Lighting

        • Highway led driver
        • Soccer field led driver
        • Hydroponics led driver
        • Warehouse led driver



        • SC Power won the 2022 Aladdin Magic Lamp Award smart lighting Ecology 100
          SC Power won the 2022 Aladdin Magic Lamp Award smart lighting Ecology 100

        SC Power won the 2021 Aladdin Magic Lamp Award smart lighting Ecology 100


        This afternoon,along with the smooth opening of the 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the 10th Aladdin Magic Lamp Award


        • Marina Bay Sands
        • Fourseasons
        • Amara hotel
        • Israel Museum
        • Shanghai International Convention Center
        • THE ICON - Shenzhen
        http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4558152110162752 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4548597096088384 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4579416233329472 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4650608924934976 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=5039961576670016 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4678903549772608 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4605225412772672 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4637779464209216 http://m.easioniaduring.com/en/displaynews.html?id=4660522998612800


        • LED Expo Thailand
        • Hong Kong Spring Lantern Festival
        • Frankfurt International Lighting & Building Technology& Equipment Exhibition Germany
        • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
          June 9 - 12, 2022 
        • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
          June 9 - 12, 2021 
        • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
          June 9 - 12, 2020 
        • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
          June 9 - 12, 2019
        • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
          June 9 - 12, 2018

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